Cloud computing is popping up more often than ever before, but the sad thing is that many people don't know exactly what it is and how it can help them. Even more people tend to distrust it, either because they don't fully understand the concept or because they are not given full access to everything that happens within the cloud. A lot of business savvy people have a tendency to look at something and instantly understand how it works, something they are not always able to do with cloud computing, and so the entire concept puts them on edge a little bit.

You can save time and money with cloud computing, and it also happens to be the most reliable form of web hosting available. The cloud does exactly what you require of it because there are comprehensive user controls set in place for you to utilize. One thing that you are able to change it whether the host will passively back up your data and at what times. You also have the option of taking care of this manually, which is active backup.

As I just mentioned, you will have a user friendly dashboard that you can use to monitor all the nodes of the cloud. These nodes are being monitored 24/7 by staff at the server location, so if a node ever fails for any reason, it is immediately removed from the workings and replaced by a new node within seconds. This is done automatically by the system, and chances are it will never even get to this point as everything is being monitored by a live staff at all times. Control Panel Even if nobody catches the warning signs of a faulty node, the system will automatically go through the steps to make sure you are never offline for a second.



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Sin Título, Mixta (Terrazos, piedra basáltica, concreto,madera), 2015-2016.


Sin título (homenaje blanco a Perèc), 2011, 48 x 48 cm, madera.


Gearbox For Marinetti, 2007, c-print, 125 x 100 cm.




Torre de economía, 2007, c-print 125 x 100 cm.




      Banco, 2014, c-print, 44 x 39.




Frutero, 2010, marmol, 50 x 20 x 22 cm.




Fotograma bruto, 2009, c-print, 44 x 39 cm.










Árbol y piedra, 2007, c-print, 50 x 60 cm.

Mesa con spiderman, 2012, c-print, 20 x 24 pulgadas.
Sin título (mesa con protuberancia redonda), 2013, terrazo blanco sobre base de fierro, 49 x 100.5 x 61 cm.
Sin título (mesita de tenis), 2013, terrazo blanco sobre base de fierro, 48 x 88 x 51 cm.


Composición con varios objetos, 2012, c-print, 59,5 x 75,5 cm.



Making pictures, 2012, cianotipia, 28 x 37.5 cm.



Mira cómo se adapta la forma de las manos a la forma que tiene tu sed.

Cántaros, 2012, c-print, 20 x 24 pulgadas





 Lagarto, 2010, c-print, 44 x 2 cm .



Sin título (Rincón), 2007, c-print, 100 x 80 cm.



Mismo, 2007, c-print, 80 x 100 cm.






Piedra completada (El barco rojo), 2010, piedra y cerámica, 17 x 16 x 13 cm.
En colaboración con Ana Gómez





Agosto 2011. 






Fitomenu I y II, 2011, c-print, 50 x 40 pulgadas c/u.


Dos imágenes sueltas, Julio 2011.






Desambigüador (temporal), 2011, madera y metal, 38 x 29 x 13 cm.




Desambigüador (oscuro con viento), 2011, madera y plástico, 76 x 29 cm.





Objeto Ritual  (mazo de caiba), 2011, medera de encino y espinas de ceiba con texto, 35 x 9 x 9cm.




 El remolino de Lucio, 2010, C-print, 31 x 38 cm.